Deep Liquidity
for Crypto & RWA

Nabla AMM combines oracle-guided pricing with single-sided LPing to unlock deep liquidity and the highest capital efficiency.


Oracle-Guided Pricing
Single-Sided LPing

Combining the best of two worlds for the citizens of Nabla enabling very low-slippage and swap fees.


Oracle-guided pricing protects the pools from arbitrageurs and enables the best risk-adjusted returns


Maximized capital efficiency and IL-avoidance enable the lowest possible slippage and swap fees

Top up

Asset issuers only need their own asset to create a pool on Nabla

& Partners

  • Satoshi Pay
  • RedStone
  • Smape
  • Pendulum
  • Omniscia
  • Sky
  • Pyth

The Team

Aaron Lindner
Dr. Aaron Lindner

Nabla Co-Founder

Product & Strategy

  • ex-CSO at Pendulum
  • ex-CPO at SatoshiPay
  • PhD in Physics
Andy Wermke
Andy Wermke

Nabla Co-Founder


  • ex- Tech. Lead at Pendulum
  • ex- Sr. Software Eng. at SatoshiPay
  • BSc Computer Sciences
Gökhan Seckin
Gökhan Seckin

BizDev Lead

BizDev & Marketing

  • ex-Biz Dev at Tokeny
  • ex-CEO at Kimlic
  • MSc Chemical Eng.
André Gaul
Dr. André Gaul

Nabla Advisor

Mathematical Modelling

  • CEO at EMS Press
  • Researcher at SatoshiPay
  • PhD in Mathematics
Nicholas Burgess
Nicholas Burgess

Nabla Advisor

Trading Strategies

  • Quant Manager at XP Investments
  • Msc. Derivatives Trading & Quants
Nik Pletikos
Nik Pletikos

Nabla Advisor


  • Head of Treasury at Sweat Economy
  • Msc Financial Mathematics

Stay tuned for the
testnet release

Public testnet on Ethereum Sepolia planned for January 2024. Join us on Discord!